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Biophysical Symposia in Boston

ACS National Meeting, 16-20 August 2015

The Fall ACS meeting in Boston includes a number of symposia emphasizing topics in biophysical chemistry, including hydrophobicity, ion solvation, forces in biochemical processes, protein-nanomaterial interfaces and coronas, and more.

Protein-Nanomaterial Interfaces

Kimberly Hamad-Shifferli (MIT), Clemens Burda (Case Western), and Wolfgang Parak (U. Marmurg) will host a symposium in Boston exploring protein-nanomaterial interfaces and protein coronas.

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2015 ACS Peter Debye Award

Biophysical Subdivision member, Prof. Sunney Xie of Harvard U., is the 2015 ACS Peter Debye Award in Physical Chemistry.

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Interplay Between Forces in Biochemistry

A symposium in Boston organized by Emil Alexov (Clemson) and Ray Luo (UCI) will focus on the balance of forces and effects in biochemical processes.

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ACS Fellow from Biophysical Subdivision

Congratulations to Prof. Adrian Roitberg of U. Florida, member of the Biophysical Chemistry Subdivision, for being selected as a 2014 ACS Fellow!


Biophysical Chemistry Group of the RSC

Please visit the website of our "sister" organization, the Biophysical Chemistry Group of the Royal Society of Chemistry (UK). More information is available here.